NitraSafe® et NitraSafe® Foam / 28-350 Unique Combination of Nitrile Coating and Kevlar® Fibers

  • Outperform leather and cut-resistant automatic knit liners in sharp, oily, puncturing and abrasive environments
  • Resist cuts nine times better than leather palm designs
  • Twice the puncture resistance than leather palm designs
  • Over 20 times the abrasion resistance than leather palm designs
  • More than eight times the cut resistance of heavy duty nitrile coated gloves
  • Ergonomically designed with a five pieces jersey lining for increased flexibility and worker comfort
  • Superior dry grip capabilities


  • Handling castings, cores, metal fabrication, glass and lumber
  • Servicing and maintaining metal working machines and equipment

Cut protection performance level Cut protection performance level Gloves giving protection from thermal hazards 
Style   Description Size
28-359 Nitrile, fully coated, gold safety cuff, black 8, 9, 10